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In a Cave

TIME/ Dec 2015
LOCATION/ 灰峪村廢棄煤礦山洞,北京郊區
Abandoned coal mine cave, outskirt of Beijing
INVITED MUSICIANS: Ake, Ding Chenchen, Da Ao, Li Jianhong, Li Yangyang, Sheng Di, Wang Ziheng, Wei Wei, Xiu Di, Zhao Cong, Zhou Qi, Zhu Wenbo.

Huiyu Village is a famous fossil concentration on the outskirts of Beijing. Halfway up a hill in a deserted mine, there is a cave deep as 3-4 floors, where we held an environment improvisation concert.

Listen //////

Hutong improvise

TIME/ March 31 2013
LOCATION/ 宏恩觀,豆腐池胡同,北京
Hong’en Guan, Doufuchi Hutong, Beijing

Hong’en Guan, used to be a Taoist temple built by a eunuch in Qing Dynasty. It was rent to the public after the foundation of the country, not only to some ordinary people as residency, but also as a food market and even a pool bar. Zajia, found by Rong Guangrong and his wife in early 2010s, was once an active stage for all kinds of experimental and avant-garde music and theares. The Hutong Improvisation was held in front of the food market and Zajia bar just one year before Zajia was closed, with passers-by and Hutong residents as our “audience”. One thing must mention was that Li Zenghui, our invited musician, got drunk before the performance and was late for it. He joined us in the middle so naturally and suddenly that people thought he was just an audience who got excited.

watch the video //////

*photo by escdotdot

Beach at Hepu

TIME/ Oct 2010
LOCATION/ 鶴浦海灘,象山,浙江
Beach at Hepu, Xiangshan, Zhejiang

It was our earliest atteptation in environment improvisation. We just use garbaged we gathered at the beach and made a recording. (Don’t misunderstand, it’s nothing about environment or ocean protection!)

*photo by Ye Qiang